GCC with formal testing docs

DJ Delorie dj@redhat.com
Thu Jul 26 19:57:00 GMT 2007

Ian Lance Taylor <iant@google.com> writes:
> tm.texi does not require that NO_REGS == 0,

Um, yes?  Unless you're assuming that the user could do NO_REGS=5 or
something in the enum, so that the enum starts with something other
than zero?  If that's what you're thinking, perhaps we should change
tm.texi to clarify that you shouldn't do that, but IMHO the
documentation implies that NO_REGS==0.

 @deftp {Data type} {enum reg_class}
 An enumerated type that must be defined with all the register class names
 as enumerated values.  @code{NO_REGS} must be first.  @code{ALL_REGS}
 must be the last register class, followed by one more enumerated value,
 @code{LIM_REG_CLASSES}, which is not a register class but rather
 tells how many classes there are.

Perhaps we could add ", and no numerical overrides" to the end of the
first sentence?

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