Remove ARM AOF support

Paul Brook
Thu Jul 26 17:41:00 GMT 2007

The arm backend has support for both gas assembly and the syntax used by 
proprietary arm assemblers (controlled by AOF_ASSEMBLER).

I'm told that the only recent users of this feature were the riscos folks, and 
that they no longer care.

The only target that uses this code in the FSF tree is arm-semi-aof. This also 
defines LINK_LIBGCC_SPECIAL which was poisoned in early 2005, so obviously 
hasn't built for two and a half years.

Anyone object if I rip out the AOF assembler support?

Technically we should probably deprecate it for a release, but IMHO it's 
bitrotten enough to skip that unless anyone expresses interest.

The motivation for doing this is that the new ARM unified assembly syntax and 
other Thumb-2 improvements involve touching code with AOF_ASSEMBLER 
conditionals. Obviously it's easier to do if the conditionals aren't there. 
Without any way of testing the AOF support I can't guarantee it won't get 
broken in the process.


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