assembly: control flow graphs (and optimizations)

Robert Dewar
Sun Jul 22 11:25:00 GMT 2007

Sunzir Deepur wrote:
> hi list,
> is there a meaning for control flow graphs of assembly files (.S)
> (e.g. those that are emitted using -fdump-rtl-*) ?
> if not - then how are assembly file being optimized ? I guess
> that assembly files can be made more efficient by many of gcc's
> optimizations too,
> can't they ?

possibly, but the only reasonable use of assembly these days is
for low level programming where you absolutely do NOT want any
any optimization. For instance, the hardware may have timing
requirements that require instructions to be emitted in some
very precise order. So this is neither possible nor desirable.
> thanks !!
> sunzir

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