Brooks Moses bmoses@stanford.edu
Sun Jul 15 13:45:00 GMT 2007

At 06:33 AM 7/15/2007, Robert Dewar wrote:
>Richard Kenner wrote:
>>>Actually the whole notion of violating a license is a confused one.  The
>>>violation is of the copyright, the license merely gives some cases in
>>>which copying is allowed. If you copy outside the license you have not
>>>"violated" the license, you have simply infringed the copyright, and the
>>>license is irrelevant.
>>Well, yes and no
>Well I disagree with your analysis, but anyway neither of us are
>attorneys (though I am a legal expert in copyright and license
>matters), and it is pointless to argue such issues here, since they
>are really not germane in any case to the fundamental issue of how
>to handle the transition.

Agreed -- especially since, on reflection, what I said and what I intended 
to say were not quite the same thing.

Apologies to all for the noise.

- Brooks

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