R. D. Flowers, Chattanooga TN USA rd@chalice.us
Thu Jul 12 17:17:00 GMT 2007

I rarely de-lurk, but:

It seems to have been suggested that (with at least some new patches 
being "GPLv2 or later" in some lawful way acceptable to FSF):

0. Bump no version numbers to reflect license changes.

It seems to me that there have been proposed (with all new patches being 
"GPLv3 or later"):

1. Bump both minor and sub-minor numbers.
2. Bump the major number(s).

I think that we also could do one of:

3. Bump only the minor numbers, but twice (to avoid 2 different 4.3.x 
series). Start with new subminors. Changes to 4.2 would go in 4.4.x. 
Mainline would be in 4.5.x.

4. Bump only the subminor number. Maybe correcting license holes could 
be considered sort of a bugfix.

MHO (best first) is 0,4,3, huge gap 1, 2.

R. D. Flowers
Earth Rising

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558 days until he leaves

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