new events at GCC Summit

Janis Johnson
Tue Jul 10 23:19:00 GMT 2007

One of the best things about the GCC Summit is the opportunity to
meet other developers and users of GCC and chat with them informally
during breaks, meals, pub night, and the final party.  This year the
GCC Summit will provide new opportunities to share information with
other summit participants:

  - lots of BoF slots available for anyone who wants to host a
    Birds of a Feather session

  - a Works in Progress, or Lightning Talks, session on Thursday
    afternoon at which people can have five minutes to talk about
    a GCC or GNU Toolchain project

  - space on the walls for posters, with poster board, pins, etc.
    provided, and plenty of time during breaks to discuss what's
    on them

  - opportunity to designate a table at breakfast for a
    particular interest group

Although most of these can be arranged at the last minute, you
might start thinking now about whether you'll want to take
advantage of any of them. 

Janis Johnson

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