Uncatchable exceptions on some systems.

Joshua ChaitinPollak josh@kivasystems.com
Mon Jul 9 17:55:00 GMT 2007

On Jul 9, 2007, at 1:43 PM, David Daney wrote:
> You don't say what version of uclibc you are using.
> The last time I checked, exception handling on uClibc was foobar.   
> I am not sure if it is true for the versions you are using.  There  
> may be patches floating around that make things work (I know I  
> posted some a while back.)
> David Daney.

I'm using 0.9.28. I didn't realize uclibc could affect this. Can you  
recommend a version where exceptions work?

Joshua ChaitinPollak
Software Engineer
Kiva Systems

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