Ongoing bootstrap failures on ppc64 since 2007-07-02

Steve Kargl
Fri Jul 6 17:09:00 GMT 2007

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 12:07:43PM -0400, Diego Novillo wrote:
> On 7/6/07 11:48 AM, FX Coudert wrote:
> > Depends what is your current version,
> $ rpm -q gmp
> gmp-4.1.4-12
> > I guess. Can you get us a backtrace?
> Well, it seems to be a mis-compilation of f951.  The stage3 f951 binary
> dies trying to fold an INDIRECT_REF with a NULL type (suspicious).  The
> stage1 f951 binary works like a charm.
> On IRC, David Edelsohn mentioned that Steve Kargl was looking to debug
> this problem but didn't have access to ppc hardware.  Steve, I could
> give you an account on my machine if you wanted.
> In the meantime I will try upgrading gmp/mpfr but I'm not quite sure
> that this is related.

Dorit has isolated the problem to the ISO C Binding import.  See
for example

AFAIK, ppc64 is the only target that is failing.  I'll send you 
my public key later today (I have to run to a meeting).  If this
is a middle/back-end issue, I may be too incompetent to fix it.


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