David Edelsohn
Fri Jul 6 11:46:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> Alexandre Oliva writes:

Alexandre> Collapsing no_new_pseudos with anything else that doesn't carry the
Alexandre> semantics it currently expresses is a transformation that loses
Alexandre> information.  Pretty please don't do this just because the current
Alexandre> code doesn't care about this distinction.

	You repeatedly assert that it loses information, but the
information is not helpful because there is no distinction.  This has
become a campaign for its own sake.

	So far all I read is complaints from you and Richard, but no
offers to implement your more extensive proposal in the next few weeks.
You simply are making demands that volunteers implement more extensive
transformation.  This is a giant Bike Shed preventing incremental
improvement in GCC.

	The proposed patch is not wrong.  Arguing about it and trying to
block it serves no useful purpose.


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