Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Jul 5 18:33:00 GMT 2007

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

> On Jul  5, 2007, Kenneth Zadeck <> wrote:
> > The work here is not changing the bits.  the work here is the actual
> > auditing of each place to see if it was the correct place.
> Then I guess the best option is to leave no_new_pseudos defined as a
> macro, such that we can introduce the enumeration and migrate to it in
> a way that makes it clear what has been migrated and what hasn't.

I think the best option is for somebody to go through the uses of
no_new_pseudos and fix them.  Incomplete transitions are bad.

> We might want to take GDB's practice of adding DEPRECATED_ to
> deprecated constructs, such that people who stumble across the code
> are more likely to notice that it needs auditing and updating.

Please, no.  That way lies madness.


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