PATCH: Add myself as libbid maintainer

Uros Bizjak
Thu Jul 5 17:48:00 GMT 2007


> I'm also uncertain as to just who approved the commit of
> libgcc/config/libbid into mainline.  When I look at the code I see
> that it is not formatted to the GNU standard, and it includes C++
> style comments which we do not normally use in C code.

IMO the situation here is the same as with current soft-fp situation. 
The library should be considered as imported from upstream, and the 
decisions w.r.t formatting are inherited from the upstream. In soft-fp 
case, functions don't have prototypes, and we (as in gcc developers) 
can't do nothing about that.

In contrast with soft-fp,  libbid library doesn't produce any warnings...

Although not explicitly said, the fixes should be sent upstream (and 
then "imported" from upstream), at least this is the case with all other 
"foreign" libraries.

IMO, of course.


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