Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Jul 5 07:25:00 GMT 2007

Richard Sandiford <> writes:

> For the record, Alex puts my point of view perfectly here too.
> I gather from the follow-ups that there's resistance to
> s/no_new_pseudos/!BEFORE_RELOAD_P ()/ -- with BEFORE_RELOAD_P
> defined as "reload_in_progress || reload_completed" until Alex's
> follow-on change is implemented -- but I don't understand why.

I would probably approve that patch if somebody writes it.

Kenny's patch has not been submitted, and should not be submitted as
is since there are some errors in

> -  "! no_new_pseudos || reload_completed"
> +  "! (reload_completed || reload_in_progress)"

That transformation is incorrect--the current code is true when
reload_complete is true, and the new code is not.  The correct patch
is probably to make this the empty string--i.e., always true (since
this is a split condition which will never be invoked during reload).
But after all this discussion I'm hoping that somebody else will write
a different patch, so for now I'm not going to continue reading
Kenny's patch.


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