Alexandre Oliva
Thu Jul 5 00:50:00 GMT 2007

On Jul  4, 2007, Kenneth Zadeck <> wrote:

>>> reload_status; 

>>> #define BEFORE_RELOAD_P() (reload_status < DURING_RELOAD)
>>> #define DURING_RELOAD_P() (reload_status == DURING_RELOAD)
>>> #define AFTER_RELOAD_P() (reload_status > DURING_RELOAD)

> I do not want to make this change myself:

It's as mechanical as the change you proposed, except that yours
potentially loses information that would enable someone to recover 
!BEFORE_RELOAD_P() out of the expanded version of no_new_pseudos.

Cleanups can come up later.

> The purpose of my patch was to get rid of a variable that had not been
> directly connected to reload.

Which showed we can get rid of yet another variable, simplifying a
number of tests, but that, with your earlier patch, have become more
difficult to simplify.

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