Kenneth Zadeck
Mon Jul 2 16:27:00 GMT 2007

Richard Kenner wrote:
>> There are 199 uses of it in the backends; compared to 32 in the front
>> end.
>> So it is quite heavily used by MD code.
> That distinction shouldn't matter unless some of the MD code uses it instead
> of reload_completed, which is (unfortunately) a real possibility.
> So I fear those will have to be checked.
there are a few in the back ends that will require some thought.  most
are trivial. 

There appears to be an idiom, (or at least a chunk of code that has been
heavily copied) where *_output_mi_thunk sets reload_completed and
no_new_pseudos at the top and clears them at the bottom. 

This appears to be the majority of the not trivial places to change and
an explanation by a trained professional would be helpful and greatly


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