Linker problems: dependencies with .a file not resolved?

Jonathan Adamczewski
Wed Feb 28 15:17:00 GMT 2007

Christian Convey wrote:
> But the symbol really does appear to be in the archive:
> cjc@peace:~$ nm --demangle
> /home/cjc/csc583-svn/uriVisionLib/trunk/Development/Source/C++/liburiVision.a 
> | grep "uriVideoSources::ImageReader_gen::getFrame"
>         U uriVideoSources::ImageReader_gen::getFrame_(bool)
>         U uriVideoSources::ImageReader_gen::getFrame_(bool,
> uriBase::RasterImage*)

I think that the 'U' at the start of eack of those output lines means 
that the symbol is in fact undefined.  man page seems to confirm it.


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