GCC 4.3 Stage 1 project survey

Matthew Wilcox matthew@wil.cx
Fri Feb 23 19:02:00 GMT 2007

I've been trying to keep the GCC_4.3_Release_Planning wiki page up to
date, and I'd like to be sure I haven't missed anything going in.  I've
moved several projects to the Completed section, and if I've done
anything in error there, please correct it.

So here's a survey of what's left:

* AutovectBranchOptimizations

  The first two subprojects seem to have been checked in, and the other
  seven haven't.  It's hard to tell which of these subprojects are
  targetted at stage 1 and which at stage 2.

* Function Level Control of Optimizations

  I haven't seen any work on this project on the list.  Is it still
  being worked on?

* libgcc-math

  Seems stalled on RMS, latest message about it here:

* PredictiveCommoning

  I can't tell for sure, as Zdenek commits so many patches ;-)  It seems
  that this one is not merged yet.

* PREVNReplacement

  I spoke to Dan Berlin about this one a few weeks ago and he hadn't
  finished writing it yet.

* Replace_backend_dataflow

  In progress on dataflow branch.

* tuples

  The initial work seems to have been merged.  David Edelsohn asked me
  to not move this project to completed as apparently there's more work
  to be done.

The projects I think are completed:

* TreeRepresentationChanges (2007-02-15)

* ipa-branch (2007-01-23)

* gcj-eclipse (2007-01-08)

* Toplevel libgcc (2007-01-03)

* mem-ssa (2006-12-11)

* out-of-ssa (2006-12-10)

* x86_64/ix86 SSE C99 rounding intrinsics (?)

* Record GCC command line switches in object files (2006-12-07)

* PREImprovements (2006-10-29/2006-11-14)

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