GCC 4.2.0 Status Report (2007-02-19)

Richard Guenther richard.guenther@gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 10:18:00 GMT 2007

On 2/20/07, Mark Mitchell <mark@codesourcery.com> wrote:
> So, my feeling is that the best course of action is to set a relatively
> low threshold for GCC 4.2.0 and target 4.2.0 RC1 soon: say, March 10th.
>       Then, we'll have a 4.2.0 release by (worst case, and allowing for
> lameness on my part) March 31.
> Feedback and alternative suggestions are welcome, of course.

I'd vote for reverting the aliasing fixes on the 4.2 branch to get
back the speed
and the 4.1 bugs and release that.  I expect that 4.2 will be made available in
some form to openSUSE users because of gfortran and OpenMP improvements.


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