Makefile.def and fixincludes/ inconsistency?

Brooks Moses
Sat Feb 17 21:50:00 GMT 2007

Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> Am I correct in guessing that the "missing" lines in Makefile.def are 
>> not currently needed?  Or are they merely present in the GCC fixincludes 
>> but missing in the fixincludes directories in some other trees that 
>> share the top-level build files?
> Yes, a patch that removes the "missing" lines for "info", "dvi", "pdf", 
> "installcheck" (not "install-info" and "TAGS" is preapproved).  Please 
> test it with a "make info", "make dvi", "make pdf" and "make 
> installcheck" from the toplevel.

Thanks!  I'll do that, as soon as I get a chance to test it (which will 
probably be next week, since my build tree is currently borked with 
another makefile patch I'm working on.)

- Brooks

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