SSSE3 -mssse3 or SSE3 -msse3?

Brooks Moses
Wed Feb 14 23:25:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Pinski wrote:
>> In appears
>> "Support for SSSE3 built-in functions and code generation are available 
>> via |-mssse3|."
>> Is it SSE3 (i686 SIMD) or SSSE3 (strange, unknown)?
>> Is it -mssse3 or -msse3?
> -mssse3 is S-SSE3 which was added for code dual 2.
> Yes the option is weird but that is what Intel wantted it to be called.
> I don't want to start another fight with their stupid marketing guys
> again like what happened with pentium4.

Is the hyphen in "S-SSE3" the correct spelling, then?  If so, the text 
of the announcement should probably be edited....

- Brooks

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