mudflap vs bounds-checking

Frank Ch. Eigler
Wed Feb 14 21:31:00 GMT 2007

Christophe LYON <> writes:

> What is the difference between the [bounds-checking and mudflap]
> systems?

Mudflap is a tree-level rewriting pass amidst the optimizers that
limits its attention to pointer dereference and addressable object
lifetime events.  It's upstream, having been donated to the FSF.

Last time I checked (quite some time back), the bounds-checking code
instrumented many more low-level pointer operations with first-class
function calls, and ran considerably slower as a consequence.  It's
not (C) FSF.

Their runtimes are different and probably have different performance
and portability/flexibility/diagnostic capabilities.  The development
intensity on both projects appears to have come down since around the
same point in time.  It would be nice not to duplicate so much, but
that's how it goes sometimes.

- FChE

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