GCC 4.1.2 RC2

Ian Lance Taylor iant@google.com
Mon Feb 12 21:17:00 GMT 2007

Mark Mitchell <mark@codesourcery.com> writes:

> But, aren't big C++ shared libraries rather different?  Does KDE
> actually use throw() everywhere, or visibility attributes?  But,
> presumably, most people don't replace the implementation of
> ScrollBar::ScrollUp or whatever.  I'd be happy to know I'm wrong here,
> but I'd be surprised if there aren't large amounts of legacy code that
> would be hurt by this change.  Do you disagree?

I don't really have any doubt that somebody, somewhere, wants to
override a function in a C++ shared library, and wants the overriding
function to throw an exception.  There is really only one correct
compiler behaviour here.

But if gcc 4.1.1 behaved one way with regard to overriding a function
with a function that throws an exception, I think we can probably get
away with having gcc 4.1.2 behave the same way.  It should ideally be
recorded as a known issue somewhere, though.


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