Build fail

Kai Ruottu
Fri Feb 9 10:07:00 GMT 2007

Ferad Zyulkyarov wrote :
> To build a GCC corss compiler it would be good to use a specail tool
> that is called "crosstool". You may look at the following links:
> 1.
> 2.
 Everyone always building the target Linux system oneself from absolute
scratch?  Or that everyone should always do this thing, never use any
existing Linux distros for anything?  Oh you great guru tell your bright
idea to us who have used only existing Linux distros and have made
crosstoolchains only for existing Linuces using their existing original
thoroughly tested components, what is the wisdom behind all this
"from absolute scratch always" suggestion!

The late 1800 and early 1900 thinkers like Marx & Engels, V.I.Lenin
etc. seemingly had similar ideas about the necessity to start everything
from absolute scratch  as Mr. Kegel nowadays...

Ok, the traditional "evolutionary" method is to not reinvent the wheel
with the already tested target components but let  then be as they are
and produce only the stuff required for the new $host,  the GNU
binutils and the GCC sources. NOT the target C libraries because
they already are there for the existing targets!  The Kegel's idealism
says that also all these MUST be built with the new GCC.  The glibc,
the X11 libraries, the Gnome libraries, the KDE libraries, the termcap,
the ncurses,....  Horrible "bolshevism/bullshitism" I would say....

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