testing GCC 4.2 on IA64 using Debian as a test suite

Mark K. Smith mksmith@gelato.org
Mon Feb 5 21:51:00 GMT 2007

Martin Michlmayr tested GCC 4.2 on the IA64 platform (report
attached). The Debian distribution was used as a test suite. Eight
IA64 specific and 10 generic GCC defects previously unknown were
identified. All these bugs have been reported to the GCC bug tracker
together with test cases and have all been fixed.

Martin will a give a detailed report on this testing as well as
testing he did for the Osprey open-source compiler at the Gelato ICE
conference in the GCC track <ice.gelato.org/program/program.php>.

This work was funded by HP through the Gelato Federation. 
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