gcc-4.1.2 RC1 build problem

Ralf Wildenhues Ralf.Wildenhues@gmx.de
Sat Feb 3 02:03:00 GMT 2007

Hello Kate, all,

* Kate Minola wrote on Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 03:37:05PM CET:
> echo 'SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR="'"`echo /usr/include | sed -e :a -e 
> "s,[^/]*/\.\.\/,,"
> -e ta`"'"' \
>                > 
>                /home/kate/gcc-4.1.2-20070128/alpha-OSF1-V4/lib/gcc/alphaev56-
> dec-osf4.0f/4.1.2/install-tools/mkheaders.conf
> /bin/sh: : cannot execute
> /bin/sh: /]*/../,, -e ta: not found
> sed: Function s,[ cannot be parsed.
> make[2]: *** [install-mkheaders] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory 
> `/home/kate/gcc-4.1.2-20070128/src/obj-alpha-OSF1-V4/
> gcc'

The macro $(SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR) is used in a double-quoted context,
leading to nonportable "...`..."..."...`...",  see

Proposed untested patch.  (I also haven't checked whether there are
other instances of this issue in 'make install' code.)


2007-02-03  Ralf Wildenhues  <Ralf.Wildenhues@gmx.de>

	PR other/27843
	* Makefile.in (SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR): Use single quotes to avoid
	nested double- and backquotes.

Index: gcc/Makefile.in
--- gcc/Makefile.in	(revision 121494)
+++ gcc/Makefile.in	(working copy)
@@ -386,7 +386,9 @@
 # Purge it of unneccessary internal relative paths
 # to directories that might not exist yet.
 # The sed idiom for this is to repeat the search-and-replace until it doesn't match, using :a ... ta.
-SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR = `echo @SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR@ | sed -e :a -e "s,[^/]*/\.\.\/,," -e ta`
+# Use single quotes here to avoid nested double- and backquotes, this
+# macro is also used in a double-quoted context.
+SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR = `echo @SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR@ | sed -e :a -e 's,[^/]*/\.\.\/,,' -e ta`
 # Control whether to run fixproto and fixincludes.

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