Should make check always run the java tests?

Bradley Lucier
Wed Oct 27 13:40:00 GMT 2004

I'm bootstrapping and regtesting 4.0 with the following command:

[descartes:gcc/mainline/objdir] lucier% cat ../build-gcc
/bin/rm -rf *; ../configure --prefix=/pkgs/gcc-mainline 
--with-gmp=/pkgs/gmp-4.1.3 --with-mpfr=/pkgs/gmp-4.1.3; make -j 8 
bootstrap >& build.log && (make -j 12 -k check 
RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board 'unix{-mcpu=G5}'">& check.log ; make 

on powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0.  Sometimes the java tests are run and 
sometimes they are not, see

where they're run and

where they're not.

Is this a parallel make problem?  Should I report this to the bug 
tracker?  If so, what information should I send in, and for which run, 
java tests run or java tests not run?


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