libffi on OpenBSD x86

Anthony Green
Wed Oct 20 14:25:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 06:00, Thomas Heller wrote:
> but it seems the stack smashing protection that OpenBSD uses prevents
> ffi_call from working correctly.
> I found the -fno-stack-protector command line option for gcc, and
> specifying this did the trick.
> Now I'm not sure if there is a pragma which allows to disable the stack
> protector from within the C source file, or should it be added to
> libffi/configure somehow, or is there a way to pass this switch when
> running libffi/configure?

IIRC, this flag comes from a set of third-party GCC patches.  It would
certainly be easiest for the maintainer of those patches to cover the
libffi directory as well.

Alternatively, you can try setting CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET at the top-level
when you make libffi.


Anthony Green <>
Red Hat, Inc.

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