Ada, treelang needs to be converted to --enable-mapped-location

Mark Mitchell
Thu Oct 7 05:16:00 GMT 2004

Richard Kenner wrote:

>Linking Ada code to C is not hard, but has a cost, both in clarity and in
>losing the ability to inline the code being called.  It's worth doing that
>linkage if (and only if!) there is some benefit in code sharing obtained from
>that linkage.  
The problem here is that we cannot make a decision for Ada independently 
of the rest of GCC because the data structures (*_DECL tree nodes) in 
question are shared among all GCC  front ends.  There is a clear benefit 
to the other front ends from using this new approach: the compiler 
itself goes faster with no loss in functionality.

I think that it's purely up to the Ada maintainers to decide how to 
interface the Ada front end to the core GCC data structures in an 
effective way.  If that means translating from the current Ada 
representation to the GCC representation at the last minute, when the 
Ada front end translates all its other data structures, that's fine.  I 
don't understand how that can be impossible.  It might be difficult for 
the Ada maintainers, but that may be the price paid for being 
independent of the core GCC data structures, and thereby providing the 
ability to reuse the Ada front end with other back ends.

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