warning: operation on 'zero' may be undefined

Joe Buck Joe.Buck@synopsys.COM
Fri Oct 1 19:32:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:52:47PM -0400, Paul Schlie wrote:
> I apologize, and won't belabor the point any further than to observe that
> I believe there's nothing in the C standard which implies it's ambiguous;
> to the contrary, I believe that as C clearly requires that expressions be
> evaluated in their order of precedence,

Sorry, that's wrong; C does not require expressions to be evaluated
in their order of precedence.  Precedence controls grouping, that's all.
Precedence rules tell you how to build an abstract syntax tree correctly;
they say nothing about in what order the leaves and branches of that tree
are evaluated, unless there are sequence points.  Please stop persisting
in this argument; you are simply mistaken.

Folks, it's time to kill this thread.  This is not an appropriate place
to argue about the meaning of the C standard.  Discussions about how to
improve gcc warning messages for cases like this are, of course, on topic,
but it's not the role of the gcc list to teach people the rules of C.

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