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Dan Kegel
Sat May 29 06:25:00 GMT 2004

Tonight's post by Kaz on crossgcc got me reading old threads,
and I came across this one from last June:
in which Zach Weinberg said
>We want to decouple libgcc build from compiler build for
>other reasons, but that's sufficiently invasive that it's probably a
>3.5 item at this point (the way I wanna do it, it needs bootstrap to
>run at top level, and it involves moving a lot of files).
Back then, 3.5 seemed impossibly far off.  Now it's at our
doorstep.  Has there been any motion on getting libgcc
build decoupled from basic gcc build?  It would be highly
appreciated.  It's getting harder and harder to bootstrap
the gcc/glibc combination with each new release.  cvs glibc
looks like it currently requires you to have a good target
gcc *just to install the headers*, so my old tricks won't
work.  Getting rid of the need for glibc headers to build
plain old gcc would really cut through the Gordian knot.
Pretty please?

I'll gladly buy anyone working on this a beer at the summit...
- Dan
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