Bug 15718 dispute: showstopper or WONTFIX?

Joe Buck jbuck@welsh-buck.org
Sat May 29 06:06:00 GMT 2004

I don't want to get into a battle with RTH, who I have enormous
respect for.  But it appears to me that the idea of closing bug
15718 with WONTFIX is not an option.

This bug apparently has the effect that some significant number
of Fortran programs that use complex numbers (that is, pretty
much any physics or electrical engineering code) are likely to
hit the ICE.  This is a new ICE, not in 3.3.3.  Saying that we
won't fix this bug, and shipping 3.3.4 anyway, would mean that
we would have to warn Alpha Fortran users to avoid the compiler
and stick with 3.3.3.  The same would go for Alpha C99 users
who need the builtin complex type.

One alternative would be to try to roll back other fixes applied
to the 3.3 branch since 3.3.3, even if other fixed bugs are
re-broken.  The only real rule for 3.3.4, in my opinion, is
that it fix some bugs and not introduce any new ones.  This is
a new one, and it appears to be a big one.

Shipping 3.3.4 is not urgent.  It can wait until we figure out
what to do.

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