Suppressing specific compiler warnings

Joseph S. Myers
Thu May 27 08:47:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 27 May 2004, Banibrata Dutta wrote:

> 2) The way numbers help internationalization is that you could have
> something like:
> wchar*  warning_message[MAX_LANGS][MAX_WARNINGS];

This was not a good argument six years ago when i18n had recently been
implemented in gcc2, and is not a good argument now.  I18N *works*.  It
doesn't require moving messages away from the code that generates them, it
doens't require assigning unique identifiers other than the message text
itself, it doesn't (thanks to exgettext and the msgid convention) require
cluttering much of the code with _(...) markers for i18n - it's much more
transparent than usual uses of gettext - and it doesn't require
translators to work differently for GCC from how they work with .po files
for all other GNU projects that are translated.  (GCC has the most
messages of any of the software projects for which messages are being
translated by the Translation Project; only the translations of the
Unicode character names have more.)

There are plenty of good reasons for fine-grained warning control, but
i18n isn't one and any system of fine-grained warning control should
preserve the above (messages in the source code where they are emitted,
translations following the usual mechanisms, etc.).

Joseph S. Myers

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