GCC Release Status (2004-05-23)

Richard Kenner kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu
Mon May 24 13:24:00 GMT 2004

    I feel that this release should really be named 4.0. I do know that it
    is a Steering Committee decision and not just yours, but I wanted to
    voice it publicly nevertheless.

I've said this before too and would like to say it again.  I feel very
strongly that this should be named 4.0.

    May I dare suggest that we give a bit of more time for
    Stage 1 for this release? Some of the reasons:

    1. Tree-SSA was merged only recently and exposed to a much
       wider set of hackers. Give them some time to get familiar
       with it and possibly contribute new optimisation passes, etc.

    2. Perhaps some of the redundant RTL passes can be removed now.

I disagree with this.  Stage 1 means large changes.  tree-ssa is already
quite a large change and I don't see that we want another large change
for this release.   Most of what you describe in your (1) and (2) above
can be done in Stage 2.

    5. Perhaps LNO can also be merged in.

I think this is the only issue, since everything else is suitable for
Stage 2.  My own feeling is that I'd be inclined to go Stage 2 as quickly
as possible, perhaps even before July 1, but keep Stage 2 open longer than
usual precisely to do the refinements and cleanups that you allude to.

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