Beginner GCC projects question

Dave Korn
Mon May 17 11:29:00 GMT 2004

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> There are ways to fix concerns 1-3 but they are quite
> ugly. Some of the solutions are not so portable (e.g. require
> /bin/touch). You may wind up doing weird dependencies like:
>   foo.o: foo.c foo.m
>   foo.m:
>       @#do nothing
> or:
>   foo.o: foo.c foo.m
>   foo.m: foo.c
> I am sure that there are examples somewhere on the
> web, I am not quite sure if Automake has it done right.

  There's a very fine document called "Advanced Auto-Dependency Generation"
at the gmake maintainer's website
which will probably help if you haven't seen it before.  Highly recommended.

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