const_double - RTL

Jim Wilson
Sat May 8 00:51:00 GMT 2004

Iman Narasamdya wrote:
> I would like to construct the double value from the operands of 
> const_double. How to do so? Particularly, I don't understand how the 
> operands are created from a double / float value.

We don't really provide a way to convert a const_double into a double 
value.  Since the host and target may have different floating point 
representations, in general, we can not use FP values inside the 
compiler.  Instead, we have REAL_VALUE_TYPE which is an abstracted 
representation of an FP value.  We have routines to convert between 
REAL_VALUE_TYPE and const_double, we have routines to perform operations 
on REAL_VALUE_TYPE, and we have routines to output REAL_VALUE_TYPE to 
assembly language.  But if you actually want a double value, you may be 
out of luck.

Most of this stuff is in real.h and real.c.  See for instance 
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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