Autoconf 2.59 breaks libstdc++ checks

Andreas Schwab
Thu May 6 14:27:00 GMT 2004

Kean Johnston <> writes:

>> Then that AmigaOS ANSI/ISO C library is broken.  If you look at
>> Section 7.1.4, "Use of library functions", you'll see that it's legal
>> for a program to use "#undef getc" to ensure that an actual function
>> is available for getc.
> getc is just one example, perhaps a bad one. The point is that the
> autoconf test is not trying to make sure you conform to ISO/ANSI
> standards for the set of functions defined there. Its a generic
> test that will fail for *any* package that uses macros to implement
> what looks to the visual eye to be a function. So for example if
> libz were to change such that gzrewind() was implemented in terms
> of a macro, autoconf would now detect it as *MISSING*.

If a function is _only_ available as a macro then you can't take the
address of it, which can be described as being nonexisting.


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