C Optimization, Pentium 4, 4 May 2004, tree-ssa/3.5/3.4/icc

Scott Robert Ladd coyote@coyotegulch.com
Tue May 4 14:51:00 GMT 2004

Steven Bosscher wrote:
> That would still be mainline gets clobbered by ICC.  Every now and then we like to
> forget so, but tree-ssa is still based on mainline ;-)
> But 3.4.1 _is_ faster, looks like we have a serious regression here :-(

Aaarrrggghhh. Get one set of headings wrong... The headings for the 
"tree-ssa" and "3.4.1" compilers are reversed for the Pentium 4 results. 
Tree-ssa is doing just fine.

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