Warning for different pointer signedness

Andrew Pinski pinskia@physics.uc.edu
Tue Dec 21 01:26:00 GMT 2004

On Dec 20, 2004, at 8:22 PM, Mike Stump wrote:

> On Dec 20, 2004, at 5:09 PM, Joe Buck wrote:
>> I'm kind of curious about how often it shows up. Are people who build
>> distros seeing lots of new warnings?
> Side world build at Apple, 1 project hit out of 1280 projects; that 
> project, gdb, had 28 hits, dwarf2read.c was the single theme in that 
> project.

I hear it shows up in the Linux kernel a lot but I still have not seen
the source to say to forget about it (and have the Linux kernel people
fix their source) or change how the warning is done.

-- Pinski

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