cp tree question

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr@integrable-solutions.net
Sat Dec 18 13:28:00 GMT 2004

Stefan Strasser <sstrasser@systemhaus-gruppe.de> writes:

| Good morning,
| I'm wondering if it is a bug or desired behaviour that, in the current
| release version of gcc, TREE_CHAIN()ing the cp_namespace_decls() result
| doesn't bring up type_decl nodes of c++ enum's, but gcc version 3.3.4 does?
| have they been moved into another list?
| you can easily check this with -fdump-translation-unit on the code "enum
| blah{};". there is no blah in the .tu file with version 3.4.3.

And you don't get the body of namespaces other than the global one
neither.  But nobody seems to body since most them of the time, it is
used to dump C programs ;-) 
Well, except academic papers that claim that they get everything,
which of course is not true but that is another story.

| (don't put any enumerators in there because so the type_decl node gets
| queued by the DECL_TYPE() of the enumerator node. but it's not in
| cp_namespace_decls())
| thanks for your help,
| -- 
| Stefan Strasser

                                                       Gabriel Dos Reis 

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