gcc 3.4.1 and CPU optimization

Zbigniew Łuszpiński zbiggy@o2.pl
Wed Dec 1 17:35:00 GMT 2004

Orginal message
> Zbigniew Łuszpiński <zbiggy@o2.pl> writes:
> > I have idea how to solve this problem. We can not fix all the scripts on 
> > planet. So gcc should be fixed. I think that future version of gcc should 
> > have a new configuration file. For example gcc.permanent.conf. In this 
> > an user could setup and configure all the user's default settings which 
> > should be used instead of those from command line (which are created by 
> > script or user). Options in such file have the highest priority and 
> > overwrites these one provided via command line. Such file could clean up 
> > parameters chaos made by scripts and users.
> Current versions of gcc already support options to the configure
> script which can do this: --with-cpu, --with-arch, --with-tune.  This
> set the defaults for a particular configuration of gcc.  These are
> documented here:
>     http://gcc.gnu.org/install/configure.html
> Ian
This is useful only for building gcc itself and compiling programs without 
parameters. Remember that default settings are always overwritten by those 
set in command line (by script or user). The aim of this discussion is to 
create default gcc configuration which can not be replaced by parameters 
executed from commandline.

Ali Imran have good idea how to resolve this problem. I probably end up with 
bash script aliased to gcc which will filter out deprecated options, add mine 
and pass it to orginal gcc renamed to gcc.orginal. In my opinion the gcc 
should clean up this parameters chaos. I think that other programmers, 
administrators, power users also will meet this problem, like me now. So 
everybody will write own filtering script ?


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