Not delivering {bugs,gnats,faq}.html in releases

Wolfgang Bangerth
Thu Jun 26 00:57:00 GMT 2003

Presently, we are putting three additional files into releases:
  bugs.html, gnats.html, faq.html

gnats.html if dysfunctional anyway, so there shouldn't be any opposition if I 
delete it and references to it soonish. The question is: do we want to put 
any of other files into releases, or just kill it?

Regarding bugs/faq.html: The only advertised method for bug submission is 
using a web interface. If you use that anyway, then we don't need to have a 
copy of these files. Furthermore, the ones on the web page are always 
up-to-date -- something I think might be valuable when we realize that lots 
of users have problems adapting their code to the new C++ parser and we 
figure out what the frequently asked questions are. Besides that, most people 
most likely share my ignorance where these files actually reside on my 

Are there opinions on this last paragraph?

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