RFA: Please review the new C++ demangler patch

H. J. Lu hjl@lucon.org
Thu Jun 26 00:57:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 02:43:40PM -0700, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> "H. J. Lu" <hjl@lucon.org> writes:
> >> > There will be only one source with my patches applied. Both libiberty
> >> > and libstdc++ will use the one in demangler. During the demangler
> >> > build, it will remove the old one in libiberty and put the new one
> >> > in.
> >> 
> >> I don't understand what you mean by "remove the old one".
> >
> > ar -d ..../libiberty.a cp-demangle.o
> > ar rc ..../libiberty.a demangle.o
> Ick.  There must be a better way.

Any suggestions are welcome.

> >> to build libiberty after libstdc++, which may be a problem on some
> >> targets.
> >
> > I said build "demangler", not libiberty, after libstdc++.
> Yah, but if there is no actual need to build libiberty before
> libstdc++ this is just needless additional complexity.  Even if
> libiberty *is* needed before libstdc++ on some target, I think I'd
> rather that we figure out how to change that.

What does have anything to do with demangler? demangler will be
built after libiberty and libstdc++ if it is used.

> > It uses $(LN_S), which should do the right thing. FWIW, we did the
> > same thing when libstdc++ used the old demangler in libiberty. I don't
> > see how it becomes an issue today.
> Fair 'nuff.
> >> > In fact, the object files in libiberty and libstdc++ are different
> >> > since they are compiled with different compiler options.
> >> 
> >> Why?
> >
> > The one in libiberty only supports the C interface without C++ support,
> > like RTTI and exeception. Also it uses its own allocator and dynstring
> > so that it can be used as a C function. Otherwise, you can put it in
> > libiberty. But you don't want to do that in libstdc++.
> Better we break up the demangler into "libiberty only" and "libstdc++
> extra functionality", then.

We have done that, but in .o files. You can have use both the demangler
in libiberty and the one in libstdc++ in the same program.


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