Problem with gcc and egcs... compatibility ?

Theodore Papadopoulo
Mon Jun 16 15:17:00 GMT 2003 said:
> Therefore, when I compile my files '.cpp', I have a problem because it
> do  not find the libraries. Someone, in my company, told me that there
> is a  problem with symbols : there are differences between the symbols
> of the  libraries and the symbols created in the fiels '.o'. 

These versions are indeed non-compatible with many respects.
I think that your only solution is either to upgrade the libraries 
compiling them with 3.2 (probably only the C__ ones), or to install 
the version of egcs that was used to compile the libraries.

No tool will be able to correct the symbols as the change of symbol 
names is only the tip of the iceberg. The way objects are encoded 
into memory has changed...

Theodore Papadopoulo
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