The gcc mainline is broken on Linux/ia64

H. J. Lu
Wed Jun 11 14:09:00 GMT 2003

As of Tue Jun 10 17:39:55 PDT 2003, the gcc mainline never finishes
"make check" after more than 12 hours on Linux/ia64. I got some many
new g77 errors. The last line in g77.log is

Executing on host: /export/build/gnu/gcc/build-ia64-linux/gcc/testsuite/../g77 -B/export/build/gnu/gcc/build-ia64-linux/gcc/testsuite/../ /net/gnu/export/gnu/src/gcc/gcc/gcc/testsuite/g77.dg/ffixed-line-length-72.f -O1  -ffixed-line-length-72 -S  -o ffixed-line-length-72.s    (timeout = 300)

I saw

27253 pts/2    RN   449:40 ../../../gcc/f771 /net/gnu/export/gnu/src/gcc/gcc/lib

The command is

../../../gcc/f771 /net/gnu/export/gnu/src/gcc/gcc/libf2c/libU77/u77-test.f -quiet -dumpbase u77-test.f -auxbase u77-test -g -o /tmp/cc5gzrur.s

The last working one for me is

on Mon Jun  9 00:33:41 UTC 2003.


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