[G95] Re: [tree-ssa] Integrating g95

law@redhat.com law@redhat.com
Sun Jun 1 02:10:00 GMT 2003

In message <3ED94B9C.3080203@attbi.com>, "Steven G. Kargl" writes:
 >Steven Bosscher wrote:
 >> TODO -- but we do not have much of a manual yet.  I was actually kinda
 >> hoping Steven Kargl and maybe Katherine would like to help with that
 >> (hint :)), being native speakers with American spelling.  I plan to work
 >> on this as long as I'm unable to build gcc's on my "new" computer.
 >I can help edit and write parts of a manual, but I have very
 >limited time so being the primary manual writer is not an
 >option.  I also have zero experience with texinfo.
 >There is one other item to consider.  g95 requires GMP.
 >AFAIK, GCC does not use GMP.  What are the options?
I suspect we'll have to find a way to either include GMP or at the least
link against it.  One more dependency in the build process.  Sigh.

At least as a first cut, configuring  could test for a suitable
installed GMP library and avoid enabling g95 if no suitable GMP
library is found.  I believe we do similar things with GNAT since
it needs GNAT to build.

[ I suspect asking the g95 folks to rewrite their code to avoid GMP
  probably isn't going to be well received :-) ]


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