Disabling PCH headers

Oscar Fuentes ofv@wanadoo.es
Sat Jul 12 06:54:00 GMT 2003

"Robert McNulty Junior" <bmj2001@bellsouth.net> writes:

> What is the proper format to disable PCH headers?'
> I tried:
> --disable-pch
> --disable-pch-headers
> --without-pch
> --without-pch-headers
> Cygwin, at moment, does not allow precompiled headers.

Which gcc version do you need? The current gcc official release
(version 3.3) does not support PCH, so you don't need to worry about
it. PCH will be introduced with version 3.4.

> I'm running GCC under Cygwin.
> We just recently upgraded to 1.5.0-1 cygwin
> I'm running Cygwin under Windows XP pro with service pack 1a.
> I'm really trying hard to build GCC. I need it for a project I'm working on

Cygwin provides pre-built gcc packages for official gcc releases.

On the future, please ask this kind of questions on the gcc-help
mailing list.


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