GCC Intermediate Representation & recommended reading & examples

Jim Wilson wilson@tuliptree.org
Fri Jul 4 02:49:00 GMT 2003

Eric Dillaber wrote:
> Also, if you know of any example source I could get that interfaces to
> the internals to do something similiar to what I would like to do, that
> would be great.

There are some options to dump info that might be useful to look at. 
For instance -aux-info (C), and -fdump-class-hierarchy (C++).

You may also want to look at the tree-ssa branch.
This is primarily an optimization project, but it has some cleaner 
interfaces, and it might be easier to work with.

Interfacing to gcc internals is strongly discouraged unless this is 
going to be part of gcc itself.  We can't allow outside projects to use 
gcc internals.  We can't guarantee stability of interfaces, and we also 
need to prevent people from trying to violate the GPL.


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