GNAT is a compiler, too

Florian Weimer
Sun Mar 31 14:54:00 GMT 2002

Toshitaka Kumano <> writes:

> Bruce Korb wrote:
>> > I find incidentally that
>> > says,
>> >
>> > G++ is a compiler, not merely a preprocessor. G++ builds object
>> > code directly from your C++ program source. There is no
>> > intermediate C version of the program.
>> This is an artifact of the original C++ implementation was CFront,
>> a front end to C.  It was horrible and lived on for 15 years.
>> ADA has always been a compiled language.
> Do you mean the paragraph, a special mention for C++, should be removed
> ?

IMHO, we do not need to stress that GNAT is not a transpiler.  I know
that quite a few people believe this because older GNAT versions
generate a C source file by default (which does not contain any code
from the actual program), but these people won't read the manual
either. ;-)

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