patch for -Wno-long-long and early GNAT compilers

Robert Dewar
Tue Mar 19 05:16:00 GMT 2002

<<But it's *very* unlikely to happen for Ada unless you restrict yourself
to what can be called a "C subset".  There are many design choices in how
to implement Ada features and each compiler makes different choices.

No, Richard, you are missing the point, we are talking about the output
from the SAME program compiled by two different compilers, so indeede the
output should be identical.

The test Zack is suggesting, which is a good one, that should be done
routinely for GNU C, is

compile GNAT with GNAT version bla

compile GNAT with, say, Aonix (if that were possible, it is not)

See if the two versions of GNAT behave the same functionally.

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