hacking gcc - avoiding bootstrap?

brent@rcfile.org brent@rcfile.org
Fri Sep 29 19:01:00 GMT 2000

On 29 Sep 2000 at 14:27 (-0700), Mike Stump wrote:
| Run gdb in emacs, M-x gdb.  Set a breakpoint on expand_expr,
| make_insn_raw, emit_insn and friends, and your off and running.  :-)
| Neat variables are things like lineno, cur_insn_uid, INSN_UID (note),
| current_function_decl.  Interesting things to call include,

well, the above recommendations are good once I realized I needed to
figure out how to get gdb into cc1plus. I'm doing:

dust$ gdb cc1plus
(gdb) break expand_expr
(gdb) run x.ii

is this the only way to get cc1plus into gdb? (ok, I know, this topic
is more appropriate for some other list..) I tried the emacs M-x 
suggestion, but it still only loaded symbols for g++, so I went the
plain ol' gdb route and followed that through to pexecute() and into 
the forked cpp0 which reulted in:
  g++: Internal error: Trace/breakpoint trap (program cpp0)
  Please submit a full bug report.
  See <URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/bugs.html > for instructions.

i've observed the following progs involved with compiling c++ files


did I missing any step?

thanks again,
  brent (off to gdb land)

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