warning: multi-line comment (why?)

Neil Booth NeilB@earthling.net
Wed Sep 20 09:38:00 GMT 2000

Jamie Lokier wrote:-
> The motivation is for when you do "comment-region" in Emacs to comment
> out code that includes macros.

Hmm, OK you've persuaded me.

> Hmm.  The nulls which warn are part of the multi-line comment.  Fair
> enough, I'll fix that and get the correct column numbers too.

A tight while loop with is_nvspace is enough; don't bother with
skip_whitespace - it does too much.

> Trigraph-escaped slashes aren't checked for, so you still get the
> warning in that case.  Do you care?

Those warnings are not meant to be there; they're just on for about 48
hours between patches :) I'll commit a patch RSN that turns them off
in comments.  What I meant was this:-

// this \
/ is all one comment.

I know it's pedantic, but it's valid and we should continue to get it
right.  I think your loop will terminate the comment at the end of the
2nd line.  A call to get_effective_char will handle that (instead of

If you do this, would you provide a testcase for the bug above, and
that ensures the warning about multiline comments in not emitted in
the case you're talking about?  Don't bother about null character
testcases; in my experience they really confuse CVS.



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